Build API integrations faster.

Give your engineers superpowers. Ship integrations in 1-2 days instead of weeks.

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Stop wasting expensive engineering hours on integrations.

Have your engineers write less code for integrations by removing the need to handle data transformations. With Laminar, data is transformed to the format that works for you while it's being transferred.

Connect any API
Describe any API endpoint in Laminar, including any authentication tokens required to make requests.
Describe data transformations
Use Laminar's pre-built data transformation operations to describe how to transform the data received from an endpoint to a format that works best for you.
Run the integration anywhere
Deploy your integration in Laminar and run it by using its unique id in your application. Benefit from having the data arrive in the right format from the get go!

Connect anything to anything.

Build the custom integrations your company requires in record time.

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