Build API integrations faster.

Ship the integrations you need in 1-2 days instead of weeks.

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Close SaaS contracts faster with Laminar.

Write 90% less code for integrations.

Give your engineers superpowers by letting Laminar handle data transformations between the API you're integrating with and your app.

Connect any API.
Describe the API you're integrating with in Laminar, and where to get the data from it.
Describe data transformations.
Use Laminar's custom data transformation language to describe how to transform the data from the API to a format that works best for your app.
Run the integration in your app.
Run your new integration anywhere in your codebase by calling Laminar's API. Benefit from data being in the right format from the get go.
Drastically simplify maintenance.
Maintain integrations in Laminar instead of your app, and deploy critical bug fixes outside of product shipping cycles.

Connect anything to anything.

Build the integrations you need in record time.

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